The iST150 advanced contactless reader is the ideal device to upgrade any installed base terminal with a certified solution for EMV contactless acceptance. It offers fast, convenient and secure contactless technology to reduce transaction times at Point-of-Sale. Boasting optimum interoperability, it is fully EMV compliant and supports contactless payment applications including MasterCard® PayPass and Visa® PayWave, as well as other revenue-generating applications such as loyalty, identification and e-purse services. What’s more, integrated contactless technology enables merchants to accept payment from varied devices such as mobile phones (NFC) and extend their offer with ease beyond conventional payment scenarios.


Smart design for optimal integration and brand awareness at POS

Compact, robust and easy-to-use, the iST150 can be installed in different positions as a tabletop device or mounted on any vertical surface for maximum versatility and user interface. The buzzer and four LED indicators on both sides of the reader ensure a clear visibility of the transaction at all times. The large graphic color backlit display combined with the backlit contactless logo offers even more intuitive use. Its loading facility enables contactless e-purses as well as other stored value cards to be credited. The face of the product is customizable to show off the acquirer, scheme or issuer’s card acceptance at merchant locations.

Superior performance with fast and convenient payment transactions

The iST150 combines speed and convenience. Its 32-bit ARM9 microprocessor and 8 + 16 MB memory ensure the high processing power required for contactless payment – to embed applications and ensure fast payment. A transaction can be carried out in milliseconds by simply passing a card in front of the iST150 unit. Transaction times are significantly reduced and existing terminal investments optimized.

Wide choice of applications

The iST150 can process contactless payment transactions but also accept e-purses and private stored value schemes as two SAMs (Secure Access Modules) come standard in the device.

Ideal device for contactless upgrade

Equipped with a USB link to speed up the data exchange with host systems such as payment terminals, cash registers or PCs, the iST150 can also be equipped with a RS232 serial link to upgrade non USB capable terminals.

Software development and field services support

The iST150 belongs to the Ingenico comprehensive payment offer. As such, it can leverage the payment tools already available on the Telium platform, ranging from contactless applications to the Software Development Kit (SDK) or management services – both remotely and in the field – allowing banks and merchants to maximize their investment.