IPP Touch480

An interactive multilane POS for a quick and profitable checkout


Highest security

PCI PTS 3.x certified with SRED & open protocol, and DK certified. First ever hybrid reader device reaching such certification level.

All Payment options

iPP H-Touch 480 offers all payments options, ELV, OLV, EMV Chip & PIN, MagStripe, Signature Capture and Contactless. It also enables new NFC couponing, wallet, QR codes and all your payment use cases.

Electronic Signature

Enhance signature capture, transaction duration and reduce storage burden. iPP H-Touch 480 features signature capture for electronic payments, receipt storage and for new business applications such as contract or warranty and enrollment programs and more.

Designed for Retail

Robust for intensive usage and optimized for fast checkout. iPP H-Touch 480 have been designed to meet retail environment needs. 500K card insertions and robust design for intensive usage and durability. Light guidance and large screen: to ease consumer interactivity and speed up transaction duration.

Hybrid Reader

The iPP H-Touch 480 has a unique single slot hybrid card reader that processes both smart card and magnetic card payments in a single easy action.

All Connectivity & Communication

iPP H-Touch series provides a unique portfolio of communication from PSTN and ISDN to GPRS and WLAN. It also provides an array of connectivity options to ease the solution’s integration with a single cable and a multipoint mono connector.

Large 3.5” Touch Screen

For best in class payment and application User Experience. iPP H-Touch series is all about maximizing user experience. The 3.5“resistive touch screen enhances application ergonomics and interactivity.

Play Real Multimedia

iPP H-Touch series is equipped with a video accelerator and a dedicated video decoder to play multimedia content from the standard ultra- compressed H264 file format. It enables also lower power consumption and a smart memory space allocation management.

Telium 2 Advanced

Powered by Ingenico, Telium2 Technology is the result of 30 years experience in the payment industry. Secure, highly integrated and fast, Telium is the world best platform to provide payment services and applications. With its “advanced module” Telium has been empowered to easily manage graphical libraries, touch screen and Multimedia content and face the challenge of beyond payment application development.

Optional Printer

Large 60 mm paper roll printer available as an option. Enables customization for retailers requiring printer and also enables Total Cost of Ownership reduction as it eliminates the external printer overhead.

Countertop Usage

Equip your iPP H-Touch 480 with a printer and a ComBox, and turn it into a powerful high-end counter top.