We offer a large range of card printers, all available in our online catalog.

Whatever the application is, the Sunlight K3 plastic card printer is the ideal choice every time. The Sunlight K3 Dual Side plastic card printer machine offers amazingly clear and vivid color printing!

Sunlight K3 Dual If it is a heavy-duty, front and back, one step card printer you need, then the Sunlight K3 proximity card printer certainly satisfies even the most demanding plastic card printing requirements, offering you one of the best thermal card printers on the market. This is the ideal printer for all of your plastic gift card printing..

Ribbon cleaning, software Say goodbye to all the frustration that goes with technology! Sunlight K3 incorporates simple features designed to maximize user friendliness and reliability!

Easy load: the card printing ribbon and cleaning roller have been incorporated into a simple cartridge for trouble free operation. Installing the cartridge is now as easy as ever, and there is no need to clean the rollers, as they get changed every time the cartridge is replaced. This eliminates broken ribbons and makes ribbon changes faster and more efficient thus maximizing productivity.

Cards thickness and format Extra-thin cards are growing in popularity; lightweight and easy to be carried in a wallet, they are used for more and more applications. For this reason SunLight K3 has extended the card range supported; the new Sunlight K3 can support card thickness ranging from 0.229 mm to 1.016 mm. SunLight K3 support CR80 (85.6x54 mm) and CR79 (83.8 x 51.8 mm) formats; switching it is extremely easy and quick, just move a small lever to the desired format.

Rewritable printing capability Sunlight K3 supports cards that can be erased and rewritten multiple times, especially useful for applications where a cards life is extremely short, like a visitors badge, a temporary pass and many other applications where cards are used only for few days or hours. This additional option enables your business to eliminate waste and reduce cost! This machine is the perfect membership card printer!

Driver: the driver supplied with the Sunlight K3 comes with time and money saving functions such as: print diagnostic for identifying and correcting errors; ribbon running out warning, so that replacement supplies can be ordered promptly.

Color ribbon panel saving function The Sunlight K3 detects each color ribbon panel so that there is no ribbon wastage when powering on the printer.

Smile! One high quality photo coming up The Sunlight K3 is a high-resolution printer with 16.7 million Microsoft-certified colors and amazing photo, graphic, text and bar-code printing capabilities. Crisp and clear images are guaranteed every time.

Access? Smart Cards? All Under control The Sunlight K3 is not only easy to use, but it is the only printer in its category to feature upgradable Smart's Card encoding options: contact, contact-less and proximity. Thanks to its sophisticated technology, it provides maximum flexibility and security.

And for the future? Upgrade It is it hard to predict future corporate requirements, but when it comes to card printing, the Sunlight K3 is set to cater for them. You can be assured that the Sunlight K3 is capable of evolving along with your business, and manages any additional features you may require in the future.