IPP200 Series

Ingenico’s iPP200 Series used in conjunction with iCT250 or iCT220 give merchants the ability to accept PIN-entry and contactless payments through a proven plug-and-play device. Designed especially for today’s marketplace, the iPP200 Series is a compact, rugged and easy to use for merchants and consumers alike. The unique add-on design makes it an affordable hardware investment. Dependable performance and top transaction speeds guarantee enhanced checkout efficiency.



Built around Ingenico’s industry-proven, highly secure core, the iPP200 Series provides assured secure data and application management, and top-notch secure transactions. EMV, PCI PTS 2.x & PCI PTS 3.x fully certified and supporting the latest international security algorithms (DES, TDES, RSA, DUKPT and Master/Session), the iPP200 series features an optional PIN privacy shield for additional peace of mind.


The iPP200 Series makes fast-paced transactions a reality. Ingenico’s Telium2 architecture and its EMV level 2 kernels enable these PIN Pads to process powerful cryptographic algorithms at high speed. Easy to integrate into the POS platform, the iPP200 Series increase the security and versatility of your payment system, providing additional confidentiality at the PIN entry stage.


Trim and lightweight, the iPP200 Series offers ease-of-installation and handling. Its state-of-the-art design, with a large 16-key ergonomic keypad and LCD display simplify and secure PIN-entry, providing fast and intuitive transaction processing. Some models feature an integrated, industry-approved contactless reader, guaranteeing maximum payment versatility.


Equipped with a powered USB connection, the iPP200 Series makes integration with iCT terminals simplicity itself. Merchants can now take confidential PIN entry to the heart of their customer service assurance.