a) Central Issuance – OMA Emirates provide complete solutions for personalization and post-issuance management of single and multi-application smart cards where information gathered from a number of locations are collected at a central point and all cards are personalized and prepared for distribution to the cardholders. Complying with EMV security standards, high-level security ensured through encryption using key management schemes (MasterSession, DUKPT and RTKS) and import data from the card management system is provided with the necessary cryptography using SafeNet HSM. Our central issuance solution allows banks to take full control of the issuance through in-house personalization supporting multiple databases and allowing data Retrieval, image capture, card Issuance and reporting facilities. The solution supports issuance of Java TM, Multos and native card as well as customizable import process and interacts directly with CIM Machines.

b) Instant Issuance – The branch issuance solution enables EMV compliant smart card issuance instantly from bank branches following successful registration as well as instant replacement of lost or stolen cards in less than one minute. The ability to issue cards instantly in a branch allows faster activation rates and greatly reduces time and costs involved when mailing cards through central issuance as well as ensures only the authorized recipient of the card receives the package. Since the card is instantly activated, customers can instantly choose a pin code of their choice and can then instantly use the card for their purchases. OMA secure pin pad can be used to allow card holders to enter their pin or alternatively an IVR can be used. Being EMV compliant also means that high security levels are ensured through encryption using key management schemes (Master Session, DUPKT and RTKS) and EMV data remains in the central server accessed only by authorized bank staff upon request.


a) MPOS - Retailers are now seriously considering mobile POS solutions to address challenges and opportunities in the new connected world. Retailers realize that they cannot monetize well if they don't deliver the right interaction and user experience. The key challenge for merchants is to provide a seamless, personalized interaction with connected consumers during their digital shopping journeys. OMA Emirates help merchants on the way from Channel to Customer centricity: Payments, CRM, Loyalty, Mobile and POS technology providers are extending their offerings to enable integrated shopping experience. The mobile POS ecosystem has emerged. It is transforming traditional checkout, payment acceptance, and merchant supply chain by enabling improved interaction between merchants and customers. Mobile POS technologies are bringing new opportunities and challenges for all players along the entire value chain. Mobile POS solutions were initially offered to micro and small merchants with card acceptance functionality. But mPOS isn't only for micro merchants anymore. Big retailers want robust mobile POS solutions enabling integration with their complex backend systems.

b) POS - The POS in various retail industries uses customized hardware and software as per their requirements. Retailers may utilize weighing scales, scanners, electronic and manual cash registers, EFTPOS terminals, touch screens and any other wide variety of hardware and software available for use with POS. For example, a grocery or candy store uses a scale at the point of sale, while bars and restaurants use software to customize the item or service sold when a customer has a special meal or drink request.


a) ATM MANAGEMENT SOLUTION – NanoSwitch ATM is a secure online solution for ATM transactions optimizes the management of ATM activity providing transaction routing, authorization host, settlement and management reports. The solution complies with strict EMV standards and is certified by major payment labels including VISA and MasterCard. The monitoring system of NanoSwitch ATM allows for in depth supervision of ATMs providing clients with detailed information on the ATM activities at any given moment the number of ATMs in service, number of ATMs out of order, number of ATMs without connection and more. A measurement system generates analyses of each ATM performance using stored data and offers both standard and customized reporting capabilities which can be utilized at any time.

b) CMS – Most financial institutions are aware that consumers are becoming more educated and more demanding and are willing to compromise brand loyalty for better services. Our CMS can help you offer cutting-edge and ever-improving services maintain the highest customer service levels. The CMS is a complete EMV certified system that manages both issuing and acquiring functions for private and international banking cards including card and merchant functionalities, payment authorization and account clearing and settlement. All approved authorizations can be controlled and monitored with the CMS and instant transaction reports can be generates demonstrating statistics for all transaction activity. In addition to this, the system also performs clearing and settlement reports for transactions with the other financial institutions. Our CMS supports all card technologies including magnetic strips and smart chip cards as well as all types of cards such as credit, debit, loyalty, EMV, etc. and can incorporate loyalty and incentive programs.

c) AUTHORISATION & SETTLEMENT – Our EMV Authorization Host determines whether a transaction s accepted, rejected or referred to a card authorization organization by card issuers such as VISA, MasterCard, and JCB etc. The approval process is based on account number validation in combination with an expiration date or authorization schemes such as hot card to ensure the cardholder's account is activated and that the card has passed various security checks and is activated when sales transactions are made in POS devices. The system can be configured to a variety interfaces, ATM terminals, POS devices, host systems, credit card networks and switch networks using customized authorization settings to determine the relevant authorization issuer and monitors card usage by product type, volume, time, location and usage limits if applicable.



OMA Emirates offers clients a unique user-friendly and secure integration tool that integrates various software and hardware components with EFTPOS residing on an IP-based LAN or wireless infrastructure enabling the management of external peripheral devices such display screens , printers and keyboards that may be required. The solution allows for automatic routing of transaction from user's POS terminal to the authorization server securely through the secure key management scheme by Pin Pad. The Pin Pad performs the Request and Response Block MAC calculation and verification and generated pin block while the ECR initiates the payment authorization request, sends the response back to the pin pad and finally generates a receipt.


a) Mobile E-Top up Solution


  • • Provides e-voucher by providing PIN number of 12 digits or e-topup where recharge directly sends to phone and provides SMS notification to customer.
  • • Supports multi environment Processing.
  • • Flexible and easy configuration.
  • • Centralized Processing Service and very integrated CRM solution to manage each merchant and terminals.
  • • Advanced reporting options and in-depth logs that provide accurate analyses of every aspect of a prepaid operation
  • • Unique multifunction solution to manage e-ticketing, fund transfer, coupons, discount and prepaid cards.


  • • Eliminates Costly Scratch Cards.
  • • Reduced Distribution Cost.
  • • Add airtime to mobile phones anywhere & anytime.
  • • Elimination of costly scratch cards.
  • • Reduction of the distribution cost.
  • • Act as intermediary between service provider and sales channel.

b) E-Wallet Solution

  • • Our new generation of e-wallet solutions supports all common set of protocols for putting information into on-line forms and POS terminals agreed upon by all major players in the industry.
  • • It works with any Web-security software or POS terminals and enables our e-wallets to automatically feed customer information into the payment forms of participating merchants
  • • Our e-wallet is stored on servers controlled by your bank or other service providers, whose software manages the exchange of information with the merchants' sites
  • • Can stand alone or integrated with existing financial products and network.
  • • Enable transfer of money to wallet holders, Receive payments online, issue invoices and management of accounts in high secure environment.
  • • Supports multiple global currencies, various levels of tiered commission management structures and distributor functionality, client management and access portals.

c) Loyalty Application

  • • Enables retailers and specialty providers to manage in-house, end-to-end gift card and stored-value programs.
  • • Deliver a range of tailor-made, profit-building solutions with minimal effort via an intuitive POS interface.
  • • Can manage a variety of gift card types and stored value offerings that can be used for promotions, rebates, refunds and more.
  • • Powerful and sophisticated intelligence gathering and reporting capabilities.
  • • A central hub where business activity and customer activity data is consolidated and analyzed.
  • • Personalization module to transform a blank smart card to a customer specific information and maintenance of personalized database.
  • • Merchant module to each merchant to award loyalty points to customers and capture vital information.
  • • Simple and Easy implementation.
  • • Enhanced Shopping experience to customers.

d) Fuel Management System

An application that allows petrol distribution companies to issue cards to their customers to be used by them within the petrol distribution network of stations.



OMA is the ultimate answer to easy and secure RFID automated refueling based on a vehicle's identification device. By adding the OPS at petrol stations, dealers and oil companies, they offer an advanced service for fleets and private motorists. This also acts as a convenient and easy loyalty tool. OMA is an integral part of the Vehicle Identification, VID, station automation and can be incorporated simply through a small antenna reader attached to the nozzles for contactless reading of the FuelOpass device installed in the vehicle, however for the convenience of clients, the VID can also be integrated into other station automation systems, The OPS station infrastructure can also be used for tracking personnel activity and attendant shift management by reading the attendants contactless tags to authorize the pump for FuelOpass refueling. The system covers all the refueling stages including identifying the vehicle in need of fuel, releasing the pump according to the correct fuel type and logging the transaction.


Issues of trust and acceptance play a more significant role in the e-commerce world than in traditional businesses as far as payment systems are concerned. Traditionally, a customer sees a product, examines it, and then pays for it by cash, check, or credit card. In the e-commerce world, in most cases the customer does not actually see the concrete product at the time of transaction, and the method of payment is performed electronically. The main objectives of EPS are to increase efficiency, improve security, and enhance customer convenience and ease of use. Credit cards, debit cards, charge cards, smart cards are payment cards. They are the most popular tool for electronic payment transactions. Businesses extremely benefit from these company cards and they are cheaper to operate. They are widely issued to and used by a broad range of customers. Businesses offer incentives to attract customers to open an account and get one of these cards.



E-Health is changing the way providers can deliver improved Healthcare at reduced costs. It improves quality of care, reduces administrative and medical errors and provides a better patient experience. The e-Health revolution is now accelerating, offering more innovative connected solutions at the point of care with Healthcare providers getting remote and real-time access to patient information (Electronic Health Record), issuing electronic prescriptions and electronic transfers to Healthcare insurance institutions. The terminals industry is playing a central role in providing the security layer needed for e-Health applications and in developing readers and terminals, especially dedicated to e-Health applications, and best suited to all stakeholders' needs. These e-Health terminals comply with the specific requirements of each function and provide the needed security to ensure a seamless integration in the workflows while at the same time guaranteeing security and data confidentiality. The complexity of e-Health solutions is increasing as new applications are developed: Electronic Health Records, e-Prescriptions, drugs management and more.


  • • Processes insurance electronically (Policy details, claims, submission and Audit)
  • • Utilize pin based or biometric based security mechanism to avoid unlawful use of stolen or lost cards.
  • • Prompt and secure verification of entitlement (configurable, rule-based) via a central, high-availability system.
  • • The card is loaded with the Insurance policy details, basic medical information of the bearer and the names of authorized Health care service providers and agencies participating in promotional programs.
  • • When transaction takes place, these records are updated and transmitted to the Insurance service provider over a network connection.
  • • Every time the insurance needs to be renewed, the only information required to be updated is the expiry date.



Our E-voucher system is a comprehensive solution targeting the distribution of value added electronic payment solutions for multi-channel prepaid services creating and managing electronic vouchers for services such as telephone, internet, transportation, events, etc. The E-vouchers can be printed via POS systems in offline or online mode and are securely stored in encrypted format to be printed upon demand. In addition to the E-voucher code, providers may opt to print other information on the E-vouchers such as service provider information, user instructions, product barcode, usage terms, and conditions as well as marketing and advertising material.


OMA's E-remittance service provides you with peace of mind by minimizing paperwork and reducing the risk of error. E-remittance enables you to send your remittance contributions directly to us via our secure transactional Web site and even make payments using the account collection service available on most financial institutions' Web sites. Advantages of using E-remittance

  • • Makes managing your remittance payments easier
  • • Speeds up transmission of data
  • • Processes contributions to member accounts faster


Electronic payments are payments that are made directly to payee from your bank accounts using security features over the Internet to process the transactions. Electronic payments start with an arrangement you make with your financial institutions to have funds withdrawn from your account and sent to a payee. Most financial institutions off electronic payments online directly from their web site to the payee. You also may be able to set up electronic bill payments through your financial software so when you enter a payment in the software, the transaction goes through and the bill is paid in the amount and on the date you specify.


M-Payment is emerging worldwide, moving payment lines and creating a new ecosystem for all merchants. OMA proposes ubiquitous white labeled enterprise level mobile agnostic solutions addressing all merchant needs:

  • • Full range of mobile acceptance devices with the highest market standards
  • • Long-standing expertise in local payment apps in more than 125 countries connected to more than 1,000 acquirers
  • • Providing mobility solutions to large retailers
  • • Payment secured solutions and EMV requirements everywhere ;
  • • Addressing new verticals such as deliveries
  • • Extending market to external contractor
  • • Mobile POS solution
  • • From card acceptance device to gateway



E-ID encompasses a large array of identity documents: national e-IDs, civil servants credentials, services cards, transit passes or even enterprises access cards. We have structured our offering to fit the needs of four major segments: administrations and companies' internal uses, government offices, mobile solutions for public officials and personal solutions for citizen.

  • • Authentication of civil servants to secure access to workstation and confidential data
  • • Secure electronic signature for paperless transactions and processes
  • • Electronic identification of citizen at the welcome desk of public administrations for optimized and error-free process
  • • Electronic signature for paperless transactions between public official and citizen
  • • Check electronic chip of e-ID documents to benefit from anti-counterfeiting features
  • • Secure access to online services from home or on-the-go
  • • Electronic signature for advanced e-government or private transactions.