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OMA Emirates

Card Issuance Solution

OMA Emirates provides high-end in-house centralized card issuance solutions to leading banks across the UAE. The solution complies with the ever changing customer needs and can have a control over the card issuance operations with suitable tailor-made EMV central issuance solutions.

As a 360 degree' solution provider, OMA Emirates is well positioned to provide banks with an end-to-end system that includes hardware and EMV personalization software. The central issuance embosser that is supported by the OMA Emirates Nano-Perso, a personalization solution which supports batch printing and encoding can increase bank efficiency. A special data recovery process can also be set through the Nano-Person application which can provide back-up of the production systems.
  • End-to-End offer: Encompasses the whole set of tasks and components required to issue EMV cards
  • Flexibility & Scalability:
    • Acceptance of smart cards produced by different vendors in the personalization infrastructure
    • Compatibility of the proposed software solution with different vendors personalization hardware
    • Capability to integrate components supplied by different vendors into the personalization infrastructure - namely cryptographic devices, third party software, etc.
    • Compatible with most issuer mainframe input file formats and application and product
    • High-performance: In term of records treated per hour regarding competition tools
  • Secure: Through systematic key encryption inside database and backup