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OMA Emirates

Branch Issuance Solutions

The branch issuance solution enables EMV compliant smart card issuance instantly from bank branches following successful registration as well as instant replacement of lost or stolen cards in less than a minute. The ability to issue cards instantly in a branch allows faster activation rates and greatly reduces time and costs involved when mailing cards through central issuance as well as ensures only the authorized recipient of the card receives the package. Since the card is instantly activated, customers can choose a pin code of their choice and can then use the card for their purchases. OMA Emirates secure pin pad can be used to allow card holders to enter their pin or alternatively an IVR can be used. .
Being EMV compliant also means that high security levels are ensured through encryption using key management schemes (Master/Session, DUKPT and RTKS) and EMV data remains in the central server accessed only by authorized bank staff upon request.
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