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OMA Emirates

EMV Card Personalization Solutions

OMA Emirates provides EMV – NANOPERSO – card personalization solutions that comply with strict EMV security and design standards ensured by host security module. The software contains magnetic stripe encoding and chip encoding as well as contact /contactless encoding. Online operations are done for each card to be personalized through a HSM to enhance key management operation. The Smart Factory then checks the electrical personalization validity, chip content and consistency of the magnetic stripe data and chip and finally, the Smart Factory QC uses real life situation simulations to assess card behavior against expected responses.
With a user-friendly interface and customizable settings as well as the flexibility to interface with multiple CMS systems in the market, our EMV card personalization system NANOPERSO is the ultimate choice for all businesses interested in adapting EMV cards. Our EMV card personalization system also supports batch printing and encoding which in turn increases efficiency for users.
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