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OMA Emirates

Integrated Solutions

OMA Emirates offers clients a unique user-friendly and secure integration tool that integrates various software and hardware components with EFTPOS residing on an IPbased LAN or wireless infrastructure enabling the management of external peripheral devices such as display screens printers, and keyboards that may be required. The solution allows automatic routing of transaction from a user’s POS terminal to the authorization server securely through the secure key management scheme (APACS40 RTKS) by Pin Pad. The Pin Pad performs the Request and Response Block MAC calculation and verification and generates pin block while the ECR initiates the payment authorization request, sends the response back to the pin pad and finally generates a receipt. .
With highly customizable solutions and flexible implementation capabilities, our integrated solution caters not only to the banking industry but also to the retail, petroleum, hospitality, medical industry, insurance, manufacturing, etc. The integrated solution also reduces overhead costs as integration is possible without modifying existing POS software/hardware. It also provides more counter space though eliminating the need for individual transaction processing equipment and dedicated telecommunication.
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