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OMA Emirates


EasyReconcile automates and standardizes the reconciliation process. It drives accuracy in the financial end of day process by providing users with an effective and efficient way to identify matched and unmatched transactions, so users can focus on investigating discrepancies. It leverages the ability to match any type of transaction from multiple data sources, including ATM, CMS and Payment Systems (Visa, MasterCard ...etc.)
Reconciliation Solution for all payment transactions and channels
  • Multi Bank
  • Multi Languages
  • Secure
  • Extensible
Electronic Payment Transactions reconciliation can be some of the most time-consuming and painful components of the financial end of day process. In fact, the need to tick-andtie millions of individual transactions, from multiple data sources, is a time-consuming and error-prone task.
Building Management Solution (BMS)
Enhance your lease process with OMA Emirates Building Management System that offers a comprehensive range of services. These services range from individual subsystems to a group of buildings providing integrated support to owners & occupants from sourcing to listing of apartments and payment settlement.
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