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Easy ATM Monitoring

Optimal management of a network of self-service terminals requires a continuous effort and permanent quest of the balance: Cost / Quality / Network Availability (Golden Triangle).
In the case of ATM networks, the golden triangle concerns the balance between: the network availability (productivity), the terminals TCO (Acquisition + Maintenance + Operations costs) and quality of services provided to cardholders.EasyATM monitoring platform is an effective and efficient tool that helps reach this balance with reduced effort of change management.
Application Fields
EasyATM is suitable for any organization with self-service terminals from various vendors and operating in various areas including banking services (ATMs and currency exchangers), transport and information (kiosks).
Context of Use
Easy ATM is a multi-bank and with web based architecture (J2EE), which makes it adaptable to various contexts of use including:
  • Banks: with accesses granted to branches.
  • Acquiring center: with access granted to members and their branches.
  • Dedicated ATM monitoring center: with access granted to members and their branches.
  • A third party provider in charge of one or many ATM monitoring activities.
While improving the service quality, Easy ATM enhances network security and provides reliable and relevant information exploitable for better decisions on maintenance and network expansion.
EasyATM is a monitoring solution for self-service terminals that:
  • Increases the availability of the ATM network
  • Optimizes ATM operations and reduces the TCO of self-service equipment
  • Produces significant information for better decisions in network maintenance and extension
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