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OMA Emirates

Terminal Management System

Terminal Management System (TMS) is a flexible and easy to use for POS terminals it provides a full suite of facilities to control POS terminals and their software and allows users to define, configure and update POS parameters and tasks. A Find and Report toolbar allows users to generate reports by filtering grids based on desired criteria and processing the information through Crystal Report, where the information can be filtered, sorted, grouped and then printed or saved.
For easy operation, profiles can be created by users to select or save a set of custom parameters that can then be assigned to a group of profiles sharing similar characteristics. This minimizes the risk of operator data entry errors and maximizes the speed of operation. The remote program download option saves time for users by downloading only modified modules to the POS terminals.
The TMS is also equipped with two auditing levels; the user activity log which logs all user activities such as login / logout and screen access and the Audit Log which generates a database level log report for all tables as well as a link to a more detailed screen specifying the values of the updated fields before and after update.
Keeping in mind the high security levels required by our clients, the TMS security system can be customized to provide various access privileges to individual account holders who may access the TMS through a sophisticated password authentication system. There is also an approval option available that requests administrator approval prior to any changes and only approved changes will appear in the final database accessed by POS terminals.
The TMS is comprised of three components; POS Master, Connection Services and Monitoring
POS Master
POS Master is a client application that interfaces with the database and allows the users to manage POS terminals from a central location. Using the POS Master application, users will be able to define, configure and update the system parameters.
Connection Services
This component is responsible for transmitting data to and from terminals through TCP/ IP, Dialup and Direct RS232 connections. All parameters and batch files are logged in files and databases to be used in report and statistic generation. This module will also interface Network Communication Controller (NCC) should users require protocol conversion.
The monitoring component monitors all connect POS terminals and reports the real-time status of their ongoing tasks.
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